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Rules And Regulations

Regulatory Policies in Early Childhood Centers

Several important federal and state regulations that focus on child safety are included in all early childhood centers' employee handbooks. The Child Care and Development Block Grant of 2014 (CCDBG), which was approved by Congress, includes regulations that require background checks and regular CPR and first-aid training for childcare workers. It also specifies guidelines for teacher-child ratios to be maintained within a certain amount of classroom space. The federal controls require states to oversee operations for all childcare facilities that receive federal grant money within their jurisdiction. However, guidelines for other types of facilities vary from state to state.

In general, most centers require that workers be cleared through a criminal background check that includes fingerprinting. Most centers also require site-specific orientation and training. Additionally, states may require annual inspections of facility records, which show that workers have up to date CPR and first-aid certifications and health records that verify the absence of tuberculosis. Additionally, centers must be sure to operate daily within set ratio requirements.