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School Dress Code

Dress Code

Typically, workplace dress codes are set by the management of each individual early learning center. The nature of daily work for educators and caregivers is very hands-on and requires bending, sitting on the floor and running after little ones, so the dress code for early childhood educators should include comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. Guidelines, however, may vary greatly between facilities. One facility may allow workers to wear leggings and T-shirts, while another may favor a standard uniform of khaki pants and tops featuring the center's logo. Some facilities may also require that their business office staff or managers dress in business attire, so that they project a professional business image to prospective clients.

However, almost every preschool dress code will have some standard requirements. In general, workers should not wear tops that show their cleavage or midriff. For their own safety, employees should not wear excessive jewelry, especially dangling earrings or necklaces that could get pulled on by children or caught in playground equipment. Footwear should also be comfortable and flat to make it easier to safely play with children. In general, employees are expected to appear well groomed, friendly and professional.